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Combination Vac

About our ComboVac


Our Combo Vacuum Units are custom made to order from one of the top manufacturers in North America. With a boiler on board, that can create steam up to 160°C, we have no problem in dealing with ice plugs, frozen lines and cleaning up spills on frozen ground. It also helps to have hot water for those tough, greasy clean up jobs around plants, pipelines and vessels.

A great partnership with one of the top chemical distributors in our sector leads to always having the right chemicals for any job, while keeping costs low for our customers. Stubborn residue is easy to deal with. After a sample is collected, it is sent to a lab for analysis. From here we can create a custom made program to inject chemical into our Zero Entry Cleaning System to suit your needs. Save on chemicals, save on time, and save on money.

Every unit is always built with a Positive Bonding detection grounding system, so that the operator and customer are always sure that the vacuum unit is bonded and that there is no potential for a catastrophic event to occur. Peace of mind.

Zero Entry Cleaning

Every Combo Vacuum unit is equipped to utilize the Gamajet Zero Entry Cleaning system.

Utilizing a pump capable of 250L/min @ 250 PSI, and modifications to our units to enable the additon of chemicals on the fly; our Gamajet will clean your vessel to the best of its ability.

Utilizing the Gamajet tool we can also sweeten sour vessels simply and easily by injecting a Scavenger and "spinning" the tank until all traces of H2S are gone.

Tote Cleaning

Using the smaller AlphaJet tool we are able to efficiently clean TDG regulated totes, and smaller containments.

Utilizing the AlphaJet and our own methods there isn't any tote that we can't clean. Even tougher jobs such as batch mixed friction reducers that traditionally prove troublesome to clean.

H2Oil Energy Inc. is one of the only companies in the Peace Region that can offer this service with proper disposal of the waste.

For more information about this or any of our other services, please contact a member of our sales team.