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Environment, Health & Safety

H2OIL is committed to an accident free workplace with the objective of protecting:

  1. its owners, all employees and subcontractors that work within our operations,
  2. the property and equipment used in the business processes,
  3. the environment where work is being conducted, and,
  4. all visitors and customers that the company interacts with.

By protecting our employees, we are also protecting their families, friends, co-workers, management, public, environment and property from any effects of serious injuries, accidents, or illnesses.

We believe that work related injury and illness are preventable and we strive to continuously improve our safety and health performance.

To accomplish this objective, H2OIL will:

  • comply with all Federal and Provincial statutes which are applicable,
  • train workers to ensure that they are competent to perform their tasks in a safe and proper manner,
  • provide the necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for use and care,
  • investigate every accident promptly and thoroughly, so as not to point blame on any one individual, but to determine the root cause in order to prevent its reoccurrence and
  • develop and enforce safety and health rules.