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H2Oil Transport Environmental Code of Practice

H2OIL Energy Inc. is committed to protecting the environment and to maintaining public health and safety during all phases of operation, in order to help protect the quality of the environment for future generations.

The following shall guide our company in environmental protection:

Environmental Protection Plan

H2OIL Energy Inc. is committed to the preservation and protection of the environment. To protect the environmen tthe H2OIL Energy Inc. preventative maintenance and inspection program ensures that all mechanical components on our units are in excellent working condition. When equipment and machinery are inspected and maintained on a regular basis the possibility of breakdown and soil contamination from leaking parts are minimized.
  1. Workers will be kept informed and trained to do their job and associated job tasks in such a manner as to cause minimum environmental harm or waste of materials.
  2. H2OIL will work directly with our clients to develop equitable,effective and realistic standards for the protection of the environment.
  3. Review and evaluate on a regularly scheduled basis, the H2OIL's performance with respect to the environment.
  4. H2OIL will responsibly manage all aspects of our business in order to meet recognized environmental standards and legal requirements as we are compelled to do by the Environmental Protection Act,the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Legislation.
  5. H2OIL will provide training, support, tools and equipment to all supervisors and workers to ensure that all applicable laws, regulations and permit requirements are adhered to. Violations could have serious consequences to individual workers, the environment, both H2OIL and Client's reputation. Individuals who fail to comply with environmental laws, permits, regulations, site rules, and procedures will be held responsible for their actions. Workers demonstrating a disregard for environmental protection will be held responsible for their actions and disciplinary action and / or termination will occur.
  6. All H2OIL trucks are equipped with spill kits, to cleanup small spills where they may occur.
  7. Where possible, we shall recycle and promote use of recycled products.
  8. Drivers will become familiar with the emergency response plan for all work site(s) in case of an environmental accident.


Store and dispose of products in such a manner that will provide appropriate protection of the environment.


All precautionary measures will be taken to avoid spills; however in the event of an occurrence the proper containers and means (i.e. vac truck, etc.) will be used for the containment of the substance.

Hazardous substances will be disposed of according to regulation and taken to a provincially regulated waste management site.


Containers shall be provided for the collection and separation of waste, trash, oily used rags, and other refuse.Garbage and other waste shall be disposed of at frequent and regular intervals.

Waste such as used oil, anti-freeze, grease and chemicals shall be disposed of on a regular basis at an approved waste management site.


  1. No fires / smoking!
  2. Report all incidents and accidents involving the environment to the office immediately.
  3. Clean up any spills.
  4. Do not leave garbage behind.Carry it out with you.
  5. Be familiar with the emergency response plan and spill response requirements in case of an environmental accident.
  6. Follow good housekeeping rules at all work places and work sites.


  1. Gasoline,volatile solvents or any other flammable substances must be stored in containers that are clearly labeled (WHMIS),approved for their contents and located in a safe place away from any source of open flame. All MSDS hazardous substances–clearly labeled and properly stored.
  2. All spills and chemical waste will be cleaned up and disposed of according to government environmental standards.

The following shall guide our company in environmental protection:

  • A) Planning: H2OIL will assess the potential effects of their operations on the environment and will prevent or mitigate these effects as far as possible by introducing protective measures into the planning process.
  • B) Compliance: H2OIL will comply with the applicable laws of the jurisdiction within which it is operating. Employees will be informed of such laws and their responsibility hereunder. Supervisors will be informed of such laws and their responsibilities hereunder and will monitor the operations on an ongoing basis.
  • C) Corrective Action: H2OIL will correct procedures as necessary to minimize negative environmental effects caused by company activities.
  • D) Emergency Response: H2OIL has developed emergency response procedures to minimize consequences caused by emergency events and has adequately trained personnel to ensure an effective response.

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