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Indigenous Relations

Indigenous Relations

H2OIL Energy is pleased to have created relationships with various local Indigenous communities in the Northern Alberta regions. Our connections and workplace experiences with these communities have proven to be an outstanding collaboration.

We have a diverse workforce that allows H2OIL to be the organization we are. By adapting and developing mutually beneficial policies with participating parties, it allows H2OIL to consistently meet and expand our strategic business goals.

We continue to build and promote career opportunities with the community members in trades and in the Oil & Gas Industry. These collective partnerships have laid the foundation for our Summer Student Learning Program.

Our Student Program focuses on engaging local Indigenous youth, inviting students to apply for a select number of entry level work placements. The goal of the Summer Student Learning Program is to provide students the ability to gain workplace experience, potentially leading to multiple career opportunities at H2OIL Energy Inc.

We take pride in advancing our Indigenous relations. We value the opportunity to expand the knowledge and skillset of individuals that are committed to furthering their careers at H2OIL Energy.

We are confident that together, growing and developing these relationships will have long term socioeconomic benefits for all participating members.

For more information about this or any of our other community building initiatives, please contact a member of our human resources team.