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Pressure Truck

About our Pressure Truck

H2Oil Energy Inc. can provide a variety of solutions for clients who require high pressure delivery of products into wellbores and pipelines.

Pressurizezd delivery of a product is often a hazardous environment. It requires both a significant amount of operator experience as well as reliable equipment.

We believe we have the experience personnel to tackle these tasks. This, paired with our reliable equipment and our effective preventative maintenance program. H2Oil Enerngy Inc. ensures our equipment will always be ready. Keeping down time to an absolute minimum.

Our equipment and personnel perform the following tasks on a routine basis:
  • Pigging and batching of pipelines.
  • Hydrate Handling.
  • High Pressure Methanol and Methanol Mix Delivery.
  • Back Side/Annulus pressurization.
  • Methanol Tank Fills.
  • Pipeline testing.
  • Charting and Data Logging.
  • Packer Setting.
  • Up to 15k Well head/BOP Testing.

We are always exploring new technologies and methods to provide the best possible approach for our customers. This enables us to maximize safety on the worksite, as well as time savings for our customers.

We currently provide this service throughout the Peace Region with bases in Beaverlodge and Grande Prairie

For more information about this or any of our other services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.