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Worker Protection Philosophy

H2OIL believes that accident prevention and efficient production go hand-in-hand. As manpower is a key to our organization, all levels of management have a responsibility in the work environment for health, safety, and the personal well-being of all workers. This responsibility is met by promoting safe work practices and maintaining equipment for safe operations.

The following is our philosophy for occupational health and safety:

  1. Accident and illness prevention requires the active participation of every person.
  2. The promotion of health and safety is an integral part of the management function at all levels and management is expected to lead by example in the area of safe work.
  3. Compliance with all legislation, governmental laws and regulations applicable to our operation.
  4. Establish and maintain a safe standard of job behaviour for all employees and subcontract workers.
  5. Ensure that all workers are adequately instructed and trained in the safety procedures for their work and are competent to perform their work.
  6. Maintain constant interest in occupational health and safety by making regular worksite inspections, investigating accidents and near misses, and participating in joint consultation with workers.
  7. Ensure that appropriate protective equipment is used by the workers.
  8. Compliance with H2OIL's safe operating procedures / practices will be viewed as a condition of employment.
  9. H2OIL's EH&S Manual will be made available and discussed with each employee at their orientation.
  10. All levels of management, supervisory, and field personnel are responsible for ensuring implementation of these policies.